Initiated a proposal

Scrum Planning

Once our V1 proposal was confirmed, I began organizing all the necessary tasks into a backlog and utilized a Trello board to track our development progress.

Initially, I had planned to launch the DApp within a month, but in reality, it took 2.5 months to complete the prototype and launch it.

Feature Tracking

UX Design V1

Design V1

Stage 1 – Log in MetaMask

The first stage of our DApp project was to integrate with MetaMask, which required me to invest significant time and effort in learning how to implement web3.js in our codebase. I also conducted extensive research on how to guide users through the rules and frequently asked questions, as well as how to help them understand how to use MetaMask.

Since the aim of this game is to teach non-blockchain users how to play their first DApp, I devoted a lot of time to designing a comprehensive FAQ and Rules page. Additionally, I designed an interesting decentralized chat room where users could ask questions by spending 10 GUGU coins per message.

Once users log in via MetaMask, they are directed to their player page, which displays their ETH and GUGU Coin balances. Players can choose to become a banker or a player, and if they click the “buy more” button, they will be directed to the MineShroomCoin page to learn more about why they should spend ETH to buy GUGU Coin and how to use it.

One of the unique features of this game is that users can use their GUGU coins to decorate their avatars, which adds a fun and personalized element to the experience.

Landing Page
Account Page
Mushroom Coin Page
Shroom Mall Page

Stage 2 – Play the game

After selecting to be either a player or a banker, users are directed to a loading page that displays the number of blocks they need to wait. If no one chooses to play with them during the block, they will need to start a new game.

If users successfully start a game and are assigned the role of banker, they will only see how much ETH they put into the pool and monitor the progress of the players.

On the other hand, if users successfully start a game as a player, they can check their team’s portfolio and strategize on how to generate more mushrooms in the game. The right side of the page displays available items for purchase, and users can level up to generate mushrooms faster or extend the duration of their items.

FAQ Page
Decentralized chat room
Waiting Page
404 Page
Game Page
Game Page
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.56.46 PM
Latest Game Page

Stage 3 – Win or Lose

If players win the game, they can claim their prize immediately, which will be deposited into their wallets. If they lose the game, they can still claim a “participation” prize, which will also be deposited into their wallet.

This project was a significant milestone for me, as it inspired me to pursue a career as a front-end engineer. I am grateful for the opportunity to create something fun and cool and to continue to learn about myself through building and learning

Winner Page
Loser Page